5 Mar 2020


The Black Madonna concept.

Marea Stamper has a multifaceted relationship with music. From her father’s influence, an avid record collector, to her passion for dancing, and even her growing up in a catholic household. That’s where “The Black Madonna” is born as a concept.

Later on, after recording cassettes, selling them at local raves, it wasn’t until half or her college period where TBM finds herself playing music on her campus’ local radio, where she accidentally mixes two songs together and reaching the point that would change her future: playing records as a way of living.

With more than 20 years active in the industry, she opened her way little by little with a bubbly and characteristic effervescence, mixing techno, house and disco altogether with a high energy note, complementing everything with a clear political view: equality and diversity.

This year’s DGTL Santiago 2020 Modular Stage gets ready to welcome this unrelenting music addict.

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