26 Feb 2020

Orbital: transcendent sound.

From the first kick to the last chord, Orbital's magical performance is a must-see. 

Orbital has an atomic and modular sound.

Icons of England's electronic culture, this brother's duo transcends generations. 
Hymns such as "Chime", "Halcyon On + On" or "Wonky", positioned them after June 94 as one of the "50 shows to see before you die", after an explosive performance in Glastonbury. 

Among separations and reunions, Orbital has never lost  its capacity of live improvisations, and most importantly: they still have that magical effect starting from the first kick, until the last chord.

This absolute must-see will light things up on the third DGTL Santiago, 2020 editiion. 
Don't miss out!: http://bit.ly/SCL20-Tickets
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