3 May 2018

Lights take DGTL Santiago by storm

We want this to be an unforgetable experience.

Cultural and artistic projects play an important role in the identity of DGTL. The festival has always had performances and installations of conceptual art to attract our visitors. Whether industrial, modular or recycled, the art in DGTL is a fundamental part of the global concept, allowing you to live an unprecedented festival experience. A feeling, a revelation, an idea, an inspiration.
This is how in DGTL Santiago this year we will have the interventions of avant-garde visual artists such as the duo The Tremendos and Trimex Crew: games of lights, luminous interventions and impressive sensory surprises.
Remember to arrive early and avoid the lines. We want this experience to be unforgettable.
Check out Trimex's work on their Instagram: @TrimexCrewand The Tremendos' on Vimeo. 
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