3 May 2019

Important Information

The day has finally come! Here's the final information that may help you today.

With over 9 hours of music we recommend to plan your night so you don’t miss any of your favorite shows. On the image above you can check the full timetable.

To expedite your entrance to the festival we advice to buy your tickets online with anticipation. The prices at the gate will increase and the final price will be $40.000 before 00:00, and $45.000 after 00:00.




Sustainability is one of most transcendental pillars for DGTL. The Revolution program not only considers a series of "Eco" actions during the festival, but also seeks to awaken an environmental conscience among its atendees before and during the event.

That's how the Eco Coins program was born, rewarding festival-goers for their sustainable actions. By participating in any of the projects, actions or Revolution talks, the atendees can win Eco Coins, the exchange coin to buy things inside the festival.

These are the talks and activities that you can be part of inside the Festival to get Eco Coins.




  • The payment system will be through wristbands that you’ll need to pre-charge in the available cash registers.

  • With RFID technology we will charge your wristband (handed to you at the entrance) Wiith this you’ll be able to make transactions inside the festival.

  • Wristbands are anonymous, so if you lose it you will not be able to get back the money charged in them.

  • If you have spare money in your wristband you will be able to get it back via our website once the event ends. All this info will be communicated on our social networks.



  • The address is Espacio Riesco is Avenida El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile.
  • We highly recommend Moovit or Google Maps to check the best way to get there.


It is important for us that people can enjoy the party with maximum safety. Drink in moderation and look after your friends. Stay hydrated and remember to eat regularly. Treat everyone with respect and have a good time.



  • The event is for 18+ only.

  • Don’t forget to bring your ID.

  • We’ll have food and drinks available inside the festival.

  • Parking available for $4.000.

  • Cloakroom available for $1.000.

  • Opening hour is 19:30

  • You cannot enter with any kind of bottle to the festival.
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